Who we are

FMI is an association of large free newspaper publishers throughout Ireland,

Our members have a combined circulation per issue of 225,000 copies and growing.

Our members publish both in print and online, and have very active social media platforms.

What we do

Represent the interests of free newspapers publishers in Ireland.

Pursue group advertising on behalf of our members.

Founding members


Stuart Holly

Managing Director
Clare Echo


Will Ryan

Managing Director
Limerick Post


Peter Timmins

Managing Director
Advertiser Newspaper Group


Jarlath Feeney

Managing Director
Cork Independent

supporting local journalism

Supporting local journalism is essential for informed and engaged communities. Local news outlets provide invaluable coverage of local issues events and government activities that directly impact our daily lives. One benefit of newspapers being free is that it is accessible to everyone.

This ensures that important information is available to all members of the community regardless of their financial situation. This accessibility ensures that no one is left behind and that important news is disseminated to the widest possible audience which is crucial for an informed and engaged community.